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Case Studies

Case Study - Salesforce Automation Success


When seeking to build the next generation of their already successful Sales-Force-Automation application, Southern Wine & Spirits of America quickly realized that there were some obstacles that they needed to circumvent. “After we determined what features we wanted to see in the next version of our application, we were faced with three questions which we needed an answer for,” says Larry Jackson, Software Development Manager at Southern Wine & Spirits. “How do we replace a paper-driven system for placing orders of sample-products? How do we remotely update the application, from the field, with critical patches and data? And how do we do all of this in three months?”


“We selected Bonsai Logic because we were impressed by their qualifications and track record,” said Jackson. “They assigned the appropriate expertise and worked closely with us every step of the way.” Over the course of the three month relationship, Bonsai Logic became a strategic partner in Southern Wine & Spirits Sales-Force-Automation solution. “Through our partnership with Southern Wine & Spirits, we were able to identify key opportunities in their solution that directly benefited their business,” said Brian Kasper, co-founder and Solutions Architect of Bonsai Logic. “We worked hard to ensure that the solution meet the needs of their business and worked closely with their on-staff development team to make sure that it was seamlessly integrated into their existing architecture.”


With the solution in place, Southern Wine & Spirits was able to replace a laborious and error-prone, paper-driven process, with an automated electronic version. “We consider the project a success,” said Jackson. “The application is heavily used by five-thousand salespeople across the nation, connecting to a central server for daily updates and processing more than ten-thousand orders daily. We consider that to be a direct result of Bonsai Logic’s partnership and now consider them a strategic technology partner in our business.”


Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., the nation’s leading wine and spirits distributor with a tradition of delivering the highest levels of service excellence since 1968, currently conducts business in 27 states. The Company operates in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Company has a strategic partnership with Alaska Distributors Co. of Seattle, Washington, called Southern Wine/Spirits West, a joint venture that has wine and spirits brokerage operations across the Northwest Control States of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. On a national basis, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. employs more than 10,000 team members. For more information, please log on to:


Bonsai Logic, LLC has been an established leader in the software development and consulting industry since opening its offices in 2000. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Bonsai Logic caters its services to local and national corporations for whom it develops custom enterprise software to automate and streamline proprietary business processes. For more information, please log on to:

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